The Waterloo Fire Department was organized on January 8th, 1887 & consisted of a Hose Company, Engine Company, a Hook and Ladder Company & a Supply Company. The Department Officers consisted of the Chief, Assistant Chief, President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer. The Department started out with 66 members.

Currently we operate with a Chief, Assistant Chief, 1st & 2nd Captains, 1st & 2nd Lieutenants, Safety Officer, Secretary & Treasurer. The Waterloo Fire & Rescue consists of 50 Fire & EMS Volunteer members & 2 Fulltime employees.

The 1st fire station was located on W. Madison Street, where the Nietzel Hardware & Car Quest is located at this time. The Fire station was located there until 1899, when a new Fire station was built. That station was located on E. Madison Street next to the current bowling alley and bordered by the Maunesha River. This station was shared with City Hall & it also contained the city jail. In 1964, a new Fire station was built which was located on N. Monroe Street, where the Waterloo City Hall & Police Department are located at this time. In 1998, a new Fire station was built, our current Fire Station which is located on Industrial Lane.

In 1905, the Firemen built Waterloo Firemen's Park, the park then had a baseball field, pavilion, restrooms & the Historical Carousel.

In 1945, the Waterloo Fire Department started providing EMS care to the community by having the emison resusitator. When the Waterloo Fire Department started its EMS division in 1966, it started out with 10 members, under the direction of Dr. John Garman. The Waterloo Fire Department was the 2nd Fire Department in the state of Wisconsin to have a based EMS service.

Dr. John Garman was our Medical Director for 25 years, retiring in 1992. Dr. Benjamin Schmidt took over as our Medical Director until his passing in 2009. In 2010 our current Medical Director is Dr. Edward Foster from the UW Health Partners Watertown Medical Center.

The Waterloo Fire & Rescue also operates a Philips Lifeline Program affiliated with the Columbus Community Hospital, a Child Alert Program, Fire & EMS Public Education Programs & other Community related programs.

The Waterloo Fire & Rescue has its own training tower that is used quite frequently on training nights for ladder operations. At this time we have 3 sea-land trailers which are set up for search and rescue training and fire simulation training. We also will be purchasing 2 small size trailers for 2nd story rescue in the future.