The Mayville Fire Department was organized May 26, 1871. Emeron Bachuber was appointed the first chief with about ninety men under his direction. Equipment consisted of a hand pump, hoses and a bucket brigade. The ringing of the church or school bell was the early fire alarm system used to warn the firemen of a fire. At the sound of the bell all firemen would rush to the river to help man the hand pump.

On April 21, 1887, the city council voted to establish a hook and ladder company as a new unit to the fire department. The first ladder wagon was bought in Watertown, WI. A large cistern to store water for fire fighting was built on South Main Street to provide better fire protection for the city. In 1907, Mayville received its first water works system and tower. The water was pumped from the reservoir by two gasoline engines. In 1917, the city voted to purchase a motor driven chemical fire engine from American LaFrance Engine Co.

On July 13, 1967, the fire department moved into the current fire station located on Horicon Street.

In 1969, the city purchased the ambulance service from a private party. The police department manned the ambulance during the day and the fire department personnel manned it during the evening hours.

Although Mayville is an older community, MFD membership is comprised of a younger staff with 44% of them being under the age of 40.

We pride ourselves of an annual average of less then 55 calls. It represents the quality of our fire prevention presentations instilled throughout the year.

Officers of the Mayville Fire Department are:

Chief Brad Marx

Deputy Chief Jon Borst

Assistant Chief Mike Thoreson

Captain Roger Billington

Captain Curt Knoll

Captain Keith Yunto

Captain Mark Crist

Lieutenant Adam Groh

Lieutenant Chris Tighe

Lieutenant Kevin Zitlow

Lieutenant Greg Scott

Lieutenant Troy Werner

Lieutenant Steve Olson