Fall River

Fall River EMS has made many changes throughout the last year. We have updated protocols, bylaws, guidebook for policies and procedures, changed medical directors, we are in the process of purchasing a toughbook/tablet with a run reporting program. We are looking into an online response program called "I Am Responding", we currently use EMS manager for our signup for on-call time. We have increased our membership significantly from 6 members in November to the current membership of 23 (combination probationary, alumni, active and drivers) with a target of 40 members. Currently we are in the starting stages of updating our operational plan and looking into getting a class hosted at Fall River for IVTech and upgrading our service status from Basic to IVTech.

We have made a room for sleeping quarters at the station for members that are outside of our response area so they can stay here. With the problem everyone else is having with staffing, we are being proactive and reaching out to other communities for assistance. If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a member or driver, please contact us! We would be happy to bring you on!