Beaver Dam

Chief Alan Mannel Deputy Chief Matt Christian

The Beaver Dam Fire Department was organized in December of 1886 as the Germania Fire Company. On September 3, 1878, a separate hook and ladder company was formed under the direction of Theodore Huth. The two companies merged in 1879 to form one department.

The first motorized equipment purchased in 1919 was a 750 gpm American LaFrance pumper, followed by a hook and ladder/pumper combination in 1924. In 1934, the Townships of Beaver Dam and Trenton purchased a Dodge pumper for rural fire protection.

Currently the Beaver Dam Fire Department protects all the City and Town of Beaver Dam, as well as portions of the Towns of Calamus, Lowell, Trenton, and Westford. This totals approximately 100 square miles. In addition to the above areas, EMS is also provided to portions of the Lowell and Reeseville area with a total EMS area of approximately 150 square miles. We operate out of one centrally located fire station in the City.

In 2009 the Beaver Dam Fire Department became the first public EMS in Dodge County to provide advanced life support paramedic level service. BDFD also provides infer-facility transport service to and from area hospitals and skilled care facilities. BDFD currently maintains a fleet of 4 ambulances.

2013 was a busy year for the Beaver Dam Fire Department. We answered a total of 2549 calls. 288 fire calls, 1782 911 EMS calls, and 360 inter facility transports.

The Beaver Dam Fire Department is a combination fire department. We currently have 19 career members an administrative assistant,  and 34 paid-on-call. Career personnel duties include: administration, fire inspections; public education; CPR and first aid instruction; vehicle and equipment maintenance.

The career staff includes the Chief, Deputy Chief, 3 Captains, and 13 Firefighters. Of the career staff, 6 are licensed at the EMT-IV level and 12 are Paramedics. The chief and deputy chief work days Monday through Friday. The career staff is split into three 24 hour shifts working a 24 hour on/48 hour off rotation with a minimum staffing of 4 members on duty. The career staff is: Chief Alan Mannel, EMT-Paramedic; Deputy Chief Matt Christian, EMT-IV; Captain Russ Johnson, Paramedic; Captain Paul Hartl, Paramedic; Captain Lee Smith, EMT-IV; Firefighters Chris Ackley, Paramedic; Charlie Bau, Paramedic; Marc Bobholz, Paramedic,Corey Braunschweig, Paramedic; Jeff Fuhrman, EMT-IV; Lee Heiling, EMT-IV; John Jatczak, Paramedic; Spencer Loebel, Paramedic; Doug Sackett, EMT-IV; Don Smith, Paramedic; Eric Theel, Paramedic; Tony Thomas, EMT-IV; and Jim Yaroch, Paramedic.

The Paid-on-call staff is: Lieutenants, Nick Buchda, EMT-B; Don Neuman, John Nuemann; John Nickel; Eric Waugus, and Dennis Weidler. Firefighters, Matt Bartol, Mitch Butterbrodt, Mike Danne, EMT-B; Gil Haack; Alex Hartziem; Bill Horstmann; Andrew Kempenaar; Tony Klatt, EMT-IV; Jacob Kopmeyer, EMT-B; Mitch Matuszeski, Paramedic; Dakota Moreau; Kyle Nehr, Kyle Neuman; George Reddie; Brandon Reisinger; Kelan Schmitt; Dave Schoenberger; Brian Scott, EMT-B; Nick Smith; George Stegner; Mike Stephens, Paramedic; Kyle Storm, Danny Trautmann; Matt Weidler, Paramedic, and Dusty Wuesthoff.