1300/Allenton Fire Department


Chief: John P. Breuer

Secretary: Steve Konrath

Treasurer: Karl Reinders


Fire Operations Division

Deputy Chief: Mark Steger

Captain: Jeremy Pfeifer

Lieutenant: Kim Meyer


EMS Operations Division

Deputy Chief: Paul Wolf

Captain: Ed Wolf

Lieutenant: Sue Wolf


Logistics Division

Deputy Chief: Bernie Wolf

Captain: Eric Wolf

Lieutenant: Eric Latter


431 Railroad Street,

P.O. Box 107

Allenton, WI 53002-0107

Station Voice: 262.629.5413

Station Fax: 262.629.1355



After seeing emergency responses drop below 200 calls in 2013 for the first time in several years, the Allenton Fire Department calls spiked to the highest level ever during 2014 at 233 calls. The Allenton Fire department responded to ten municipalities in two counties in last year. The total calls broken down by municipality showed the Town of Addison with 61% and the Town of Herman with 11 %. The Town of Herman showed a slight decline despite responding to EMS calls in an additional fourteen sections for the first time in 2014.  The Town of West Bend showed an increase from 12% to 15% and the Town of Wayne also showed an increase from 7% to 10%. The Allenton Fire Department is contracted to provide fire and EMS coverage to the Towns of Addison, West Bend and Herman. In addition ambulance service is provided to some sections in the Town of Wayne, where the Kohlsville Fire Department serves as the first responder and additional parts of the Town of Herman where the Iron Ridge Fire Department is the first responder.

In 2014 the Allenton Fire Department began paying members for the first time for emergency services. Money was budget to pay two EMTs and a driver to be on stand-by 24/7/365 and able to respond within four minutes of a page. It has had the desired results of decreasing the number of shifts that went unstaffed.

Every year the Allenton Volunteer Fire Department recognizes one of its own for exemplary service to the department, our community, and to the fire and emergency medical services over all. This award is named after a past member of our department that received the FIRST “member of the year award.” George Moser was the epitome of an EMT, Volunteer Firefighter, and Chief.  The 2014 award recipient was Sue Wolf. Sue joined to the Allenton Fire Department in 1995 and began EMT training in the years to follow she became an Advanced EMT, CPR instructor, Blood born pathogen instructor, firefighter and was promoted to lieutenant. She serves on the EMS operations, social events committee and the last ambulance replacement committee. Sue is a great mentor for our new members, making them feel welcome, heading up study groups, and making herself available for anyone who may need advice or help. This is the third time Sue has received this award more than any other member.

Several other awards were also presented at the Departments Annual Awards Banquet in February. Tony Feucht and Jay German were made Honorary (or life) Members. These two members are responsible for 84 years of service so far to the AFD and counting. They are excellent role models for others to follow and are truly appreciated by all for their unselfish commitment of time and dedication to the Department.

Another award also presented, our chief’s recognition award was established to recognize a member of our community who has made substantial contributions to the Department and our community. Our selection this year is Harold Hefter.  Harold’s contributions go back over 45 years. Harold was a long time resident of the Allenton area and served his community for several years as the Addison town chairman. He not only helped the Department in long term planning, but he also helped our community by providing leadership in building the Addison town hall, park and related facilities. He spearheaded efforts to bring employers like Maysteel Corporation to our area. Working with 3 past chiefs Harold understood the challenges our Department faced. He remains an associate member of the Allenton Fire Department and originally joined to become more familiar with how the department was run and get a better perspective of what the Department needs were.

Annually the Department co-hosts an annual picnic with the Allenton American Legion Post. This year’s Allenton picnic is scheduled for August 15-16, 2015 and still includes the traditional mammoth parade on Sunday. Also this year the Badger Firefighters Association Softball Tournament will be held in conjunction with the Picnic August 13-15 2015.

Another co-hosted event which is held to support Fire Prevention Week is a “Pancake Man” Pancake Breakfast and Open House at the Allenton Station. Now in its fifth year it has been quite successful generally drawing over 600 in attendance. This year’s event is scheduled for Sunday October 11, 2015.

The Allenton Fire Department also supports and benefits from two other great Allenton community events. The Allenton Area Advancement Association’s “Buffalo Feed” which will next be held on Saturday April 23, 2016 starting at around 4:00 PM. The second is the Allenton Lion’s Car Show and Flea Market which next takes place on July 3, 2016 and they start at 6:00 AM. Both provide grants to area fire departments.

Currently a committee is researching and writing specs for a new vehicle that will replace Engine 1363, a 1994 Pierce rescue engine. Next to our 2012 ambulance this is the second most used vehicle in the fleet. Its primary use is for rescue and fire protection at accident scenes and as a supply pumper for fire calls. The purchase of this new vehicle is expected to take place in 2016. The rest of the vehicle fleet includes; a 2010 Smeal 75’ quindt, 2004 and 2007 International 2000 gallon tenders, 2011 Ford Expedition and a 1999 International walk-in heavy rescue.

In 1995 six Department members found and restored the Allenton Fire Departments 1932 Chevrolet pumper. It was the first commercially manufactured fire truck the Department owned. Previous trucks had been put together locally. Now after originally being sold in 1966 this little Chevy is back at home and once again belongs to the A.F.D. All but two of the members, Chief John Breuer and Secretary Steve Konrath, were no longer active with the department and the decision was made to donate it to the Department so it would never leave again.

The Department is the host agency for a Firefighter Explorer Post for 14-21 year olds. The Post gives young people who might have an interest in the fire service “Explore” what it is all about. Many of our Explorers have transitioned to firefighters and EMTs in our Department as well as several other departments. The post is open to interested young men and women who reside in Washington or Dodge County and meet other general membership requirements.


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